Fifth Grade Outdoor Classroom

An immersive educational experience packed with hands-on activities and scientific exploration

Outdoor Classroom

Created in alignment with fifth-grade Earth and Life Science Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards.

Outdoor Classroom registration for the 2021-22 school year is now open!

During their day in the Outdoor Classroom, students will receive an overview of the Canyon Lake Dam and GBRA Hydroelectric Power Plant; participate in a variety of educational stations and activities selected by their teacher and enjoy lunch in the beauty of nature. Students will be provided with a clipboard, pencil, water and student workbook when they arrive at the Gorge. The student workbook reinforces what they learn and can be taken back to the classroom for review and even given a grade. Students must bring their own lunch. All participants will be required to complete a liability waiver prior to their Outdoor Classroom experience.

A GBRA Gorge Program Assistant is available to visit students on campus prior to their Gorge visit and give a 30-minute presentation with an overview of the creation of the Canyon Lake Gorge and an idea of what to expect during their Outdoor Classroom experience.

Available Outdoor Classroom Stations:

  • Weather, erosion and fossils
  • Biology - Water lab and food chain/web
  • Water quality testing
  • Landforms in watershed
  • Land ecosystems - geocaching
  • Water cycle

Fees and Capacity

Outdoor Classroom

$5 per student/participant; up to 100 students per day

If a school has more than 100 fifth-grade students, it is strongly recommended to attend over the course of two days

No fee for teachers or chaperones to attend when coordinated as a school field trip.

No fee for Title 1 schools - program scholarships available for other qualifying schools.

Schools need to provide their own transportation. Please contact Gorge Headquarters at 830-964-5424 for assistance in finding grant funds if your school does not have the resources to provide transportation.

Canyon Lake Gorge
Operated by the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority
Preservation - Education - Recreation

GBRA Canyon Lake Gorge

Phone: (830) 964-5424

Entrance address:

16311 South Access Rd.
Canyon Lake, TX 78133

Mailing address:

16029 S Access Rd
Canyon Lake, TX 78133

GPS coordinates: N 29.86304 W 098.18750

Park Map (Coming Soon)

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