Private Group Tours

Join a certified tour guide on a comprehensive tour of the Gorge for your group of up to 20 participants - 90-minute and 3-hour tour options available.

Private Tours

Join a certified guide on a trip down to the bottom of the 64-acre Gorge.

An adventure more than 110-million years into the past.

Tour Highlights:
  • Geological Exposures
  • Exposed Faults
  • Fossil Treasures
  • Dinosaur Footprints
  • Aquifer in Action
  • Beautiful Lagoons
  • Surprising Waterfalls
  • Dramatic Vistas
The Canyon Lake Gorge was carved by the flood of 2002 when more than 67,000 cubic feet of water per second flowed over the spillway of Canyon Lake, marking the first time the spillway was used since the reservoir was completed in 1964. The power of water sliced open the ground below the spillway, exposing more than 110-million year old cretaceous limestone, fossils and even dinosaur footprints, unearthing a geological wonder.

During guided public tours, visitors will hike 1.25 miles along exposed early cretaceous limestone formations, follow aquifer waters coursing through the Gorge as springs, channels and waterfalls, and see dinosaur footprints. 

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Both 90-minute and 3-hour public guided tour experiences are available. Participants must be seven (7) years or older to participate in any of the available guided tour experiences. All participants will be required to complete a liability waiver to participate in the tour.

Fees and Capacity:

Private Guided Tour - 90-minute
A rigorous walk to through the Gorge with fewer stopping points for photos and educational information.
$20 per person; up to 20 participants

Private Guided Tour - 3-hour

$20 per person; up to 20 participants

$200 minimum payment for groups under 10 participants.

Want to explore the Gorge with a child under age 7? Try a hike along the Gorge Overlook Trail! The Gorge Overlook Trail is available daily from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with no reservation required, and is open to all ages. Purchase a trail pass for $5 per person at Gorge Headquarters. Hikers ages 12 and under are free.

Canyon Lake Gorge
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16029 S Access Rd
Canyon Lake, TX 78133

GPS coordinates: N 29.86304 W 098.18750

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